Registering Your Company Name and Registering Your Brand

When Are You Currently Needed to join up Your Company Name?

You’re obligated to join up your company name using the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), as long as you:

Include short inside your company name besides your personal. For instance, Graham Johnson Pool Cleaning or Henderson & Sons would both require registration.

Are buying and selling within name that’s not your personal

If you’re operating a business (including legalities Pty Limited) and you need to trade within name that isn’t your business.

The only real exemption to registration is if you’re buying and selling beneath your own name: that being your given name or initials, adopted from your surname.

You aren’t allowed to make use of an unregistered company name, or perhaps a name that isn’t either your personal name, or perhaps your corporation’s name.

The Legal rights of the Registered Company Name Owner

Company name registration is totally different from trademark registration, and doesn’t come with similar legal rights and forces. If you wish to book your company name for your own personel exclusive use, you have to apply individually for trademark registration, because the searches, applications, and application processes are entirely not the same as each other. Company name registration doesn’t:

Grant you exclusive legal rights within the company name

Stop others from registering a confusingly similar name

Stop another party by using your company name like a trademark

Stop a pre-existing trademark holder by using your company name (actually, you will probably be infringing on their own legal rights)

Prevent another party taking law suit against you should you infringe on their own legal rights

Selecting Your Company Name

A distinctively identifiable company name, combined with the goodwill that is included with the name, is a vital focal point in have when you are coping with consumers, lenders, and competitors. It’s worth investing amount of time in creating a clever company name as this name could actually increase the value of your company. Your company name is central to your image and branding.

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