The Six Skills Of A Successful Consultant

Consulting is an excellent professional option for those who have specialized knowledge. Preparation, training and experience are crucial elements to become a benchmark in the sector. The specialist must gather a series of skills to stand out among the others.

Successful Set Skills

1- Active listening is one of the fundamental characteristics that will make you understand the needs of those people or companies that hire a consultant. Also, you should know and investigate what the motivations of employees, suppliers and customers, as well as the competence to develop a valid and successful strategy are.

2-The consultant must be very flexible, have great tact so as not to significantly interfere in the work of the employees or people of the company with whom he communicates.

3-A high dose of objectivity should characterize the consultant, who should not make value judgments, carry out his work independently and move away from subjective assessments to be able to propose the most convenient solutions in each situation.

4-The ease of communication with the managers and executives of the company, as well as with the employees, is essential to obtain the necessary information to evaluate the company. The clarity, the accuracy and the ability to persuade are of an adequate consultant quality. These capabilities will be beneficial for your diagnosis and, that this and the other solutions you propose, be understood by your customers.

5- You must develop an action plan that includes in detail the objectives of the process, the phases, the people who will participate in each activity, the resources available, as well as the way of presenting the results.

6 – The most essential quality of a C-TPAT Consultant (C-TPAT ที่ปรึกษา, which is the term in Thai) is the ‘proactivity’, given that the clients expect solutions and alternatives from the specialist on a given issue. These must be original, innovative and useful and not pose new inconveniences. Your participation in the process must be decisive.

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