Things You Should Note When Shipping Large Or Heavy Items

Sending of items, whether large or small, will surely have its advantage and disadvantages. Nevertheless, getting adequate information about the shipping activities will aid you in curtailing some expenses as you export to other countries( การส่งของไปต่างประเทศ, which is the term in Thai). Here are some things you should know if you ship heavy packages abroad.

Tips On Shipping Heavy Items


When sending bulky goods, you have to be accurate in the package description. Large products cost much, and if the description is not done correctly, you can end up paying extra charges. Your package should not be more substantial or larger than your description.

Safe Packaging

In the course of international shipping, your goods pass through various checkpoints while in transit. It is imperative you package and sells your products very well with sturdy, durable packaging boxes to ensure the package gets to its destination safely.

Take Compensation Cover

It is always advised you take a compensation cover on your item regardless of the size. It is an excellent way to protect yourself against its loss or damage. However, before going for the compensation cover, go through the company’s compensation list to see if the item you are sending is liable for compensation.


You will be more comfortable knowing the progress of your shipment as it is on transit. Online monitoring enables you to enjoy such a feature. In choosing a courier, go for one that offers the functionality of online tracking.


The kind of courier you choose goes a long way to determine if you can send your heavy items or not. Some couriers have limits on sizes and weight of things they can carry, and this is why adequate research is essential before choosing a courier.

Research On Courier

It is quite essential you research on the courier you want to use, compare different couriers and choose the one with a friendly price and excellent service.

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