How You Can Open A Hk Overseas Bank Account

What Banks Do You Suggest In Hk?

HSBC Organization is clearly dominating in Hk. HSBC is the largest player on the market, and Hang Seng Lender, majority possessed by HSBC, is the Second largest. For commercial bank for your small overseas organization, or an easy personal savings kind of account, you will probably end up at one of those two banking institutions. If you wish to open bank account in hong kong with a smaller sized, personal lender with much less international publicity, continue reading below.

There are other huge business banking institutions in Hk, such as Bank of China, DBS and Standard Chartered. In our encounter, they are much less ready than HSBC to open accounts for nonresidents of HK.

Why? You will imagine these banks will be starving for business, right. There is a straightforward reason, an unsaid guideline that clarifies this. You need to see it from the banks’ perspective. There is simply so much cash flowing out of China into these banks at this time that they actually handle more money than they are ready to deal with. With their typically traditional financing policies they cannot lend each one of these deposits out in the relatively little community market. Interest rates within the international markets are miserly, not to point out the counterparty problem of coping with big western banking institutions, something Asian brokers are highly aware of.

If you are overly to manage, and a lot of pressure to make high income without jeopardizing it, do you need to the additional trouble of controlling plenty of little deposit accounts from people that you cannot really make income on anyway? HSBC does not have these issues as they can change extra liquidity inside the group. Regional HK banking institutions cannot.

How Does Overseas Bank In Hong Kong Vary From All The Rest Of The Globe?

Should you be accustomed to personal banking in European countries (Switzerland for example), you will realize that most banking institutions do not prefer to see a lot of activity within the account. Deals in and out are usually frustrated, by using high charges and specific alerts from private brokers! They want cash to remain there, and be handled by lender, preferably on the discretionary principle with excessive fees.

In Asia, it is the contrary. Hk banks, maybe because of the city-state’s long background as a business outpost, differ. HSBC in Hong Kong, for instance , is certainly not thinking about opening personal savings accounts for nonresidents. When you want to open bank account in Hong Kong, they would like to see a connection with Asia and they would like to see proof of a real, dynamic business. The advantage is that their charges on wire exchanges are much less, than in Swiss, so for lively business this is advisable.

What If I Don’t Need To Work With HSBC?

Many of our customers are searching for diversity and they would like to avoid the kind of worldwide money-market publicity that great international banking institutions have. The answer would realistically be to consider smaller sized banks. Nevertheless , there are zero homegrown Hong Kong banking institutions. You are then left coping with the branches of Western or Hard anodized banks. This is a not close to a preferred scenario in my look, because:

  • You are becoming the international exposure you are attempting to prevent anyhow – maybe you are looking at HK banking institutions as a means of staying away from European exposure
  • The minimal opening deposits at these banking institutions are hefty, in the range of $1 million to $5 million USD
  • Private banking institutions do not typically acknowledge other citizens as customers, however the HK industrial banks can still do

If the above-mentioned three factors are not a problem to suit your needs, then you definitely still require a recommendation from your head office. These are not banking institutions you can enter cold off the road. If you are looking to open up an account at a smaller private bank in Asia, Singapore may be a better option for you. There you can find advanced homegrown private banks like Bank of Singapore and DBS Private Banking.

Can We Open Up A Free Account Without Going To Hong Kong?

This query is asked all the time. Suffice to mention the response is yes, but do not expect it to be easy going. If you can reach Hong Kong personally, that is suggested. In case you have your documents ready on the Hong Kong bank account but are not able to proceed there, regional facilitators can help you. They will  do an interview with you, then based on that they can create a written business strategy, and make your application to open bank account in Hong Kong with other notarized business files. The process may take some weeks if you choose to go this way.


If you are seeking to boost contact with Asia and reduce your visibility to the Asian marketplaces, Hong Kong is a first destination to open an offshore bank account. Additionally, it is a perfect banking base for any company. The stability and criteria of law is great.

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