Why do you need a blog in 2020?

A blog is an online journal where people post news, latest information, ideas and opinions. A blogger is a person who owns a blog. The blog itself is a truncation of weblog. Now that you know the definitions, you might wonder why you need a blog. Well a blog could be a real handy asset for you.

How a blog is useful

A blog can be useful for you in a number of ways.

  • You can actually make money with a blog.
  • You can use your blog as a portfolio.
  • You can use a blog to create brand awareness.
  • You can use a blog for marketing your products.
  • You can use a blog to create a community of like-minded people.

Here you can see that a blog is useful in a number of ways. No matter what your profession or niche is, you can create a blog and use it.

Why you need a blog

Suppose you are a digital marketer. You get an interview invitation from a company. They will ask you lots of questions regarding CRO, ROI, SEO, etc. Now they will ask you for a portfolio. The blog works as a portfolio here. It will also work as proof that you are skilled enough to drive traffic. If you could bring thousands of visitors to your blog, you can do the same for their website as well.

Attract people to your blog

A blog without much traffic cannot help you much. You should try different methods to generate traffic to your blog.

Now you might have understood the importance of a blog so make sure to get yourself one.

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